All good things come to those who wait!

Last month,  Guinness sponsored the Dirty South Twit, St Patrick’s Day edition to celebrate their 250th birthday.

We promised the lovely people at Guinness a video to demonstrate the impact of Social Media, and amplified their word of mouth via Twitter, TwitPic, Flickr, Facebook, blogs and now YouTube!

Here’s to the next 250 years! Enjoy!

Dirty South Twitterers go Guinness crazy 


Dirty South Twitterers go Guinness crazy (photo credit: @kaigani)


“Good things come to those who ‘create’. While this obviously applies to everyone’s favourite Irish drink, the same could be said for the Dirty South Twit, as Guinness brought our meetup to life.

It had been a while since the first Dirty South Twit in Clapham way back in December. Far too long, we thought, and so the second Dirty South Twit at the Roxy Bar and Screen in London Bridge was duly launched.

At the time, it hadn’t actually occurred to us that Tuesday 17th was St. Patrick’s Day, but once it was pointed out to us, we just knew we’d be downing a few jars of the black stuff because, well, it would be rude not to.

And then we learnt something else. This year is the 250th anniversary of Albert Guinness signing the 9,000 year lease on the St. James’ Gate brewery in Dublin. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, seeing as it was the Irish saint’s day, the 250th anniversary (and year-long party) of Guinness and we just happened to be having a party on that day, it wasn’t long before we hooked up with Guinness and they offered us goodies galore (you can see @katematlock above impressively modeling just about everything all the Tweeters got to take home with them, bar the pens). Frankly, what else do you need? Well, a great group of Tweeple and we had just that.

As with the inaugral Dirty South Twit, this Tweetup was small yet perfectly formed with a really good bunch, many of whom were meeting for the first time, turning out to chat, drink and have fun. The Roxy was a perfect venue for this, with a nice laid-back atmosphere and comfy seats. @rufusevison got there before the rest of us and highly recommends the food, while the cinema screen at the back was stunning quality. If we’d thought about it, we should have got them to play the iconic Guinness surfer advert with the horses and Leftfield’s Phat Planet on the soundtrack.

By the time the end of the night came, we’d all raised a few jars to Saint Paddy and many new friendships had been made, while old ones were reacquainted. You have a feeling Patrick would have approved. It’s one of those evenings that reminds you why you organise these things.

So, another great night. Thanks again to Guinness for helping to make the evening so much fun (here’s to another 250 years boys) and to the Roxy for letting a bunch of Tweeple take over the place.

But most importantly, thanks to everybody who came and made the night what it was. You rock. And we’ll try not to make it quite so long until the next one, we promise.

We promised we had a venue for you, didn’t we…

After the last Dirty South Twit, we had hundreds (well, ok, somewhere between a few and a dozen) of messages suggesting areas for the next DST (as it shall henceforth be known), ranging from the South East to South West to places we’d never heard of.

So, we thought, rather than stick with what we know (ie Clapham), let’s make the next one as easy as it can possibly be for people from all over South London to get to. And give the north-of-the-river people a chance to experience the event without a long trek home.

And there’s no better place for this than London Bridge – easy for the South East trains, on t’Northern Line and a short bus ride to Waterloo.

So, we’re proud to announce the next Dirty South Twit will be at the Roxy Bar and Screen on Borough High Street from 7pm on Tuesday 17 March. All Twitterers are welcome.

(Apologies in advance to all Irish Twitterers. We’d forgotten it was St. Patrick’s Day when organising this. Come along for a Guinness.)

You can RSVP in the comments, @ing us on Twitter or via our  Twtvite invitation.

See you there!

Like Arnie, we’re back. Did you miss us? Actually, don’t answer that…

So, about three months after the first highly enjoyable Dirty South Twit, we’re back and ready for more dirty south action. Are you ready to get down and dirty with us (in a Twitter sense, obviously. We can’t guarantee it’ll lead to anything else, and we don’t put out *that* easily. Well, maybe).

The next Dirty South Twit will be on March 17th and we’ll be announcing the location on here in the next couple of days, and the place we have in mind should be good for both South East and South Westerners.

Of course, you don’t have to be a South London resident to come along – if you’re on Twitter, you’re more than welcome to join us for a drink or two. Those of us in South London should have a nice and easy journey home though.

So, set the date in the diary, RSVP on here or the Twitter feed and we’ll look forward to seeing y’all in March.

It’s probably fair to say last night’s Dirty South Twit went down quite well. Much like the 2-4-1 cocktails. The time of this posting does not necessarily reflect any hangover from last night’s Dirty South Twit on my part, although there may have been a few sore heads this morning due to the large amount of cocktails consumed.

The Adventure Bar was a good choice of venue (if you liked it, show it some love on Qype or Trusted Places), with a quiet, cosy atmosphere and an extensive cocktail menu, plus a very random selection of music.

A small, friendly and varied bunch of Tweeple turned up and despite only a few people knowing each other really well, we were soon talking and chatting. Cards were exchanged, ideas were developed, many drinks were brought and new friendships formed. All we’d hoped for, really 🙂

Thanks to everyone who came – you were a great bunch! There’s already been requests from those there, and those who couldn’t make it, for a second Dirty South Twit, so we’ll look into organising one in the New Year. Any requests for the next area? @RobinGrant has already asked for Clapham Common.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy Twinterval next week if you’re going.

The Dirty South Twits.

So, in a few hours time, the first Dirty South Twit will have officially started. It’ll be at the Adventure Bar near Clapham Junction (it’s a few minutes walk from the station) and we’ll be aiming to be there from 6.45pm onwards.

There should be a decent crowd coming, including some new faces we’ve not been to the Shoreditch Twit before, so here’s a list of who’s probably going to be showing their faces at the bar. It’s not an RSVP list, more a chance for Tweeters to get to know each hour before the event.

If you’re not on the list below, feel free to add yourself and your Twitter profile in the comments 🙂

@MegFitz (if she can get out of the office in time)


(a bit later as he’s a busy man and will also be at MoMoLondon)

I think that’s it, although we’ve probably missed out a couple (sorry!). Add yourself below and see you for 2-4-1 cocktails later 🙂

Or, to be precise, the Dirty South Twit will be going to the Adventure Bar near Clapham Junction.

Yes, although we’ve had the date set for this coming Monday (8th December) for a while, and we can now confirm the venue, and we’re very happy to say we’ll be having an evening of cocktails at the Adventure Bar.

Cocktails, you say? Yes indeedy. We’ve got 2-4-1 on their extensive range of cocktails for the night. And if cocktails aren’t your thing, there’s 2-4-1 on Peroni as well. Just the job for a cold December night.

And if 15 of us get there before 7pm, we’ll get a £30 bar tab for the night. Neat huh. So, we’ll aiming to get there a bit before 7, but don’t feel like you have to rush. After all, cocktails are drinks to savour. If you can’t make it that early, don’t worry. We’ll be there all night.

It’s a very short walk from Clapham Junction train station – down St John’s Road and then turn right onto Battersea Rise. Or, if you like, here’s the Google map:

So, spread the word on Twitter (you can follow us here), invite people via our Facebook event, and or link to this blog 🙂 

See you on Monday!